Current Events…

Scholarship Information Grade 12 students, do not forget to keep checking in on our always-changing scholarship information page. Some deadlines are coming up very soon!

Registration for new PSII students for the 2014-15 school year is now open! Click here for more information.

See calendar for May 2nd change (now a day in session)
Easter long weekend: April 18 to 21 inclusive.

Victoria’s newest high school…

Located at 1201 Fort Street in Victoria (right behind the Truth Centre from whom we are leasing our space), PSII is dedicated to helping young people to know the world in deep, connected, and authentic ways.

Co-create your own learning path with a certified teacher in a setting that supports individuality and creativity. Blend subject areas that are often artificially segregated in more traditional schools. Follow your passions as you draw your own map leading to graduation and beyond.

Learning is natural…

People don't start learning when they enter a school building or stop when they exit. Learning is natural. Everyone learns all the time. PSII recognizes this truth, supporting learners in the pursuit of their personal passions wherever and whenever that learning needs to take place. The school is a gathering place where ideas can be shared and where strong face-to-face relationships become the foundation for truly personalized learning.

We fit the learner…

Do you sometimes feel like you need to change your shape to fit the school system? That is wrong and completely unnecessary. You are the learner, and the school should change its shape to fit you. School is not supposed to be a series of hoops through which you must jump, but it can often feel like that. At PSII, you will follow a learning path that is tailored to fit you. You will never again have to ask, "why do we need to learn this?"